English  Orpington  &  Quality Brahma Chickens

Have  your own English orpington chickens from Carolina Rare Chicks in Lamar, South Carolina, we carries more than 20 different breeds in special the best  in English Orpington  and  best quality in Brahma chickens.

Hen - Orpington Chickens


There are numerous benefits to owning chickens, mainly enjoy their beauty on the English Orpington and quality Brahma. We offer the best quality English Orpington and best quality Brahma chickens that are difficult to find in the United States.

Juvenile Birds

Sometimes will have available Juvenile Pairs, that are 8 to 10 weeks old. Juvenile Pair being sold in pair of male and female

48-Hour Guarantee

 We guarantee live delivery of our chicks  for 48 hours,  we guarantee your chicks to arrive alive and they will live for 48 hours after you receive them. If you have any dead birds within 48 hours after delivery,  we will refund you the value of the dead birds. We do not send replacement birds. You need notify us of the loss within 48 Hours after you receive the birds and email photo of any dead bird.

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