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Black Copper Marans



Black Copper Marans lay a beautiful, large to extra-large, chocolate brown egg. This color is achieved by a coating that is applied in the last part of the laying process, that since it is only on the surface, you can rub it off with a little work.


One of the more complexly colored roosters, the black copper marans, ideally this has: a continuous shade of copper on the head, and hackle (back and sides of neck). Then there will be a slightly darker shade of copper on the saddle (swoop of back), and a mix of this darker shade with black feathers as you move towards the wings. On the lower part of the wings, and tail, there should be all black feathers, with a very prominent green sheen. Other parts as you move to the chest and under the wings will also be black, but without as much of a sheen, if any at all.


The black copper marans hen has a nearly completely black body with copper on the head and neck areas, as above. It is good to have intense copper in these areas, but if any is found in the chest, or back, it is considered bad genetics, so you might want to stay away from mothers who may have these characteristics if you are going to breed your chickens. Also look out for white spots anywhere.


Black Copper Marans are a dual purpose breed, used for meat and eggs. Fully grown roosters can weigh an average of 8lbs and hens fully grown can weigh an average of 6.5lbs. Hens are good egg layers, laying 3-4 eggs per week or 150-180 per year.  They can occasionally become broody. Black Copper Marans have great personalities and generally take confinement well. They are active birds but can become lazy if not given enough space.

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