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English Black Cuckoo Orpingtons



Black Cuckoo Orpingtons were created in 1907 by Elizabeth Clarke, Daughter of William Cook.  Black Cuckoo Orpingtons are bred as much for their looks and temperament as for their egg laying capabilities. A healthy Black Cuckoo Orpington hen should lay 120 – 200 eggs per year and achieve a weight of between 6 – 8lbs fully grown and a rooster should reach a weight of between 8lbs to 10 lbs fully grown. Our breeding pen of Black Cuckoo Orpingtons are comprised of birds from The Fancy Chick and Ewe Crazy Bloodlines.


The barring gene, or the absence of coloring in the feathering, is found with this variety. The following chart shows how the barring gene works.



The Barring Gene:

Double Barred Male X Barred Female= Double Barred males and Barred Females

Single Barred Males X Barred Females= 25% Double Barred Males, 25% Single Barred males, and 25% Barred Females, 25% Solid Females

Double Barred Males X Solid Females= Single Barred Males and Barred Females

Single Barred Male X Solid Female= 25% Single Barred Males, 25% Barred Females and 50% Solid Males and Females

Solid Male X Barred Females= All Males will be Single Barred and all females will be Solid

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