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  • NOTE:  Please Read Ordering information  Prior to Placing a Order
  • With any chicks or eggs order, Please don't forget to send a note with the phone number for shipping purpose.
  • This breed is available for preorder,  however when it comes to shipping the Poults  will be more prioritize due to higher demand. Expect shipping time will be around April/May 2024 to later dependng on Poults demand/hens/order queue 
  •  You will recieve  6 Red Slate Turkey  Hatching eggs.
  •   Note:  from Red Slate  Three results should occur - Red Slate, Lilac and Bronze. The latter two will breed true.
  • Select USPS Priority Mail for 6 Hatching eggs Orders.  
  • Please Feel Free to Contact Us with ANY Questions You May Have.
  • Thank You for Your Business.

6 Red Slate Turkey Hatching Eggs

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