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English Chocolate Cuckoo Orpingtons



The deep, rich beautiful color of the English Chocolate Orpington is taken up a notch will the gorgeous English Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington. The rich, dark chocolate is paired with white cuckoo stripes making this an absolute must to your backyard flock.  Like the Chocolate Orpington, the Chocolate Cuckoo is available in large fowl and bantam varieties. Here at Carolina Rare Chicks, we only breed the large fowl variety. Chocolate Cuckoo Orpingtons are also fair layers, laying between 120-150 eggs per year and can be broody.  Chocolate Cuckoo and Chocolate Orpingtons are one of the more unique varieties, as they can be bred together.  This creates new bloodlines as well as helping to add type and color to your birds.   Below is a chart to help out with the genetics if you should choose to breed Chocolate Cuckoo's to Chocolates.



Double barred male x barred female = 50% double barred males, 50% barred females

Double barred male x solid color female = 50% single barred males, 50% barred females

Single barred male x barred female = 25% double barred males, 25% single barred males, 25% barred females, 25% solid females

Single barred male x solid female = 50% single barred and 50% solid

Solid male x barred female = 50% single barred males, 50% solid females


Double barred males are typically lighter in color than a single barred male.  Recognizing whether a rooster is single barred or double barred is difficult to tell as chicks but does become more clear as they grow.  



We are proud to have two breeding pens of Chocolate Cuckoo Orpingtons. We have one pen comprised of breeders purchased directly from EWE Crazy Farms and the other pen comprised of birds purchased from The Fancy Chick and Heirloom Orpingtons. When you place your order for these beautiful birds, you will receive a mix of chicks from each pen unless otherwise stated. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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