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English Red Cuckoo Orpingtons



The Red Cuckoo Orpington is absolutely beautiful with the red and white coloring. The roosters are quite stunning with their deep mahogany red barring and very commonly black tipped tail or wing feathers. Occasionally roosters also have a darker feather band in their hackles. The Red Cuckoo hens coloring can range from a lighter red to the deep dark mahogany. Our breeding pen is comprised of birds purchased from The Fancy Chick and Greenfire Farms.

Because this variety is “cuckoo” or barred, the barring gene rules do apply. Solid red orpington hens can be bred with a red cuckoo rooster but using a solid red rooster over red cuckoo hens with produce sex-linked chicks.  See barring gene chart below.



The Barring Gene:

Double Barred Male X Barred Female= Double Barred males and Barred Females

Single Barred Males X Barred Females= 25% Double Barred Males, 25% Single Barred males, and 25% Barred Females, 25% Solid Females

Double Barred Males X Solid Females= Single Barred Males and Barred Females

Single Barred Male X Solid Female= 25% Single Barred Males, 25% Barred Females and 50% Solid Males and Females

Solid Male X Barred Females= All Males will be Single Barred and all females will be Solid

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