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English Chocolate Orpingtons



The deep, rich beautiful color of the English Chocolate Orpington is a must for your new flock! These gorgeous, large fowl, birds stand out among all the birds making them an eye catcher to any poultry enthusiast.  Chocolate Orpingtons are fair egg layers, laying between 120-150 eggs per year and hens are often known to go broody.  They have one of the best temperaments out of all the breeds we have on the farm making them an excellent choice for your backyard flock.



We are proud to carry two pens of English Chocolate Orpingtons. One breeding pen purchased directly from EWE Crazy Farms and the second breeding pen comprised of birds from The Fancy chick/Marc Sacre/Ewe Crazy Farms. You will receive chicks from both pens insuring the best gene diversity.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

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